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Social Engagement

We are committed to social engagement by supporting associations and foundations with contributions. This support enables the associations and foundations to help disadvantaged populations solve their social challenges.

Dragonfly – A Project of Cambodia’s Youth

mundi consulting ag supports the Swiss non-profit Dragonfly Cambodia, which assists disadvantaged young adults in Cambodia. By providing quality occupational training and essential life skills, we help young people from shelters, protected accommodation, and poor rural areas transition from institutions to the world of work and thus to a secure future in which they can provide for themselves.

Inkiino – Together, doing something good

mundi consulting ag is committed to the INKIINO foundation.

The purpose of the INKIINO foundation is to create and operate schools for children and young people in the Afar region of Ethiopia and Djibouti, which provide education and later access to universities and other comparable institutions to enable domestic and abroad. The Foundation may also engage in continuing education in computer science for youth. INKIINO can help the remote rural population in emergencies and times of crisis with water and food to enable people to live a more dignified existence.

Sponsoring Bank Golf Club Thun

The course of Golf Club on Lake Thun has a unique view of the mountainous landscape of Bernese Oberland. The Golf Club was opened in 2001 and had a 9-hole golf course, attractive, challenging, and versatile. The golf club offers a breathtaking view of Thun Castle and the mountain panorama with Stockhorn, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. In front of the pond and with the unique perspective of the mountain landscape is the bench sponsored by us at hole 6.