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Business offices

We support you in these two areas, for instance in dealing with the following issues and tasks:

  • Management and structuring of business offices for organisations, associations, clusters, networks and programmes
  • Interim assumption of management duties
  • Management of complex projects

Reference projects

eAHV/IV office (since 2011)

On 25 June 2004, the three associations KKAK, VVAK, IVSK and the ZAS founded the eAHV/IV association. Since then, eAHV/IV has established itself as a partner and service provider that deals with issues relating to technology, digitalisation, standards and ICT in the context of the 1st pillar of social insurance/family insurance. The success story of eAHV/IV is reflected in the results and solutions that have emerged from the joint idea to the development and implementation by the specialist organisations and implementing bodies. Relieving SMEs of the administrative tasks of the first pillar of social insurance/family insurance was a central motivation that motivated the members to promote data exchange and create standards for digitalisation.

In addition to traditional association management, mundi consulting ag's tasks as an administrative office also include taking responsibility for solutions. This covers the entire life cycle from definition to procurement and development through to operation of the solution, including user support. Examples of this are the IV sound recordings or the SuisseMED@P platform (awarding of expertises).

Business Office Consulting Cluster (since 2013)

With over 200 active members, the consulting cluster founded in 1998 as the “Espace Midland Region Business Consultancy Cluster” provides an optimal platform for consolidating and expanding one’s personal network. The consulting cluster encompasses all the essential consulting areas and is integrated in a strong environment comprised of economics, science, education, politics and administration. It enhances the perception of the industries in the economic region of Berne-Midlands and thanks to regularly occurring events, forums and special events, it offers the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and to share experience with others.

SGKIP Business Office (since 2002)

The Swiss Consortium for Catathymic Image Perception (SAGKB) entrusted mundi consulting with membership administration (approximately 200) as well as the organisation of the continuing education/training seminars conducted semi-annually.

Target group of the continuing education:

  • Psychologists with a university degree or equivalent education and physicians
  • Physicians undergoing further training as specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapy FMH
  • Psychologists undergoing further training as specialist psychologists for psychotherapy FSP
  • Physicians undergoing further training in psychotherapy

At the same time, we are responsible for accounting and budget planning, maintenance of the website (, layout of the seminar programmes and additional administrative tasks.

SwissCCS Business Office (since 2016)

The SwissCCS is a scientific and technical association for the promotion and propagation of cleanroom technology. The association organises conferences and specialist seminars in German and French and represents Switzerland in the European and international standards committees for cleanroom technology. The SwissCCS has over 200 active members in Switzerland and Germany. mundi consulting ag is responsible for the entire administration, event organisation including training and accounting.

Business Office of the eGov-Switzerland Association (since 2011)

The purpose of eGov-Switzerland is to promote applied research and development in the e-government sector. The focus is on joining partners in research groups and assistance in initiating and implementing the project.

OdA Informatik Business Office(computer science) Profession in canton Berne (2004-2011)

As a regional organisation, OdA Informatik (computer science) is responsible for basic professional information science training in the German-speaking part of canton Berne. As their business office, we conduct the final examination for industry-wide courses and operate as the hub that links the training organisation, the vocational school and the department for secondary and vocational education. In addition to promoting apprenticeships, collaboration with similar organisations at the cantonal or federal level as well as further development of the professional profile are amongst our important functions.

General secretariat of the EFHK - Swiss Commission of Universities of Applied Sciences (2006-2014)
The commission consists of 15 members appointed by the Federal Council and advises the latter in all matters concerning universities of applied sciences. Operating in a demanding political environment, the business office is in charge of the smooth operation of all activities of the commission, committees and subgroups. The business office is responsible for the overall organisation of meetings, examinations and events (frequently with international involvement), prepares work documents, decision bases, records, assumes challenging correspondence and runs the commission’s accountancy. Additionally, it develops fundamental educational principles and opinions. - ICT Cluster Berne - (2001 and 2009-2015)
This cluster organisation/trade association was founded in December 1996. The is a consortium of companies, educational institutions, associations and public authorities whose goal it is to enhance telecommunications and computer sciences (ICT) in our economic area. This organisation is comprised of around 200 people from 5 cantons, and its activities include the following subject areas: Internationalisation, network, experience-sharing /know-how transfer, informational events, initial and continuing vocational training, organisation of the working world and site promotion. Mundi consulting is responsible for implementing the strategic guidelines as defined by the management board and securing all operations as well as implementation of national and EU projects.

holz21 Business Office (2001-2009)

As programme head, the business office controlled and monitored a package of project-related incentive measures to benefit the Swiss forestry and timber industry under the leadership of a strategic project management panel (steering committee) comprised of representatives of the federal government and the Swiss forestry and timber industry. The tasks assigned to us were: Assessment of project proposals submitted by third parties and decision concerning subsidy eligibility and its amount. Complementary to this, the business office monitored the progress of respective projects and the tangible and financial project outcomes and organised dissemination of the programme information to interested parties (know-how transfer) with the objective of gaining stakeholders for projects and  for the utilisation of the project outcomes. The managed subsidy volume amounted to about 4 million CHF/year.