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In the field of internationalisation, we offer our services for Vietnam, Germany, Austria.

Key tasks

We work with our customers to solve the following issues and tasks:

  • Assisting Swiss companies seeking to enter their target markets
  • Assisting international investors seeking to enter Switzerland
  • Market analyses
  • Consulting and support in the areas strategy, change and risk management.
  • Planning and execution of founding processes
  • HR services in the areas of recruiting and assessment
  • Intercultural leadership and team development
  • Plan, support and lead negotiations
  • Specialised services in the areas expansion, import-export, introduction of business partners 


Reference customers

We also place our networks in China, Vietnam, Germany and Austria at the disposal of our customers and partners.

Our customers in the area of internationalisation include, among others:

  • Ammann Group
  • Changzhou Edelweiss P&D Co.Ltd.
  • Güdel Group AG
  • Fässler AG
  • Nordostmilch AG
  • Statex AG
  • Swiss Atrium GmbH
  • Swissmooh AG
  • Reference projects:


Reference projects

Preparation of project documentations

Preparation of project documentations in Chinese (market analysis, data processing, translation, etc.)

Marketing concept

Development of B2C marketing concept for the Chinese market in the food sector

Market survey

Market survey and ensuring market entry in Switzerland, including assistance in founding the company and setup operation

Stakeholder analyses

Stakeholder analyses for international company

Change management

Planning and initialising change management processes for subsidiaries in China (strategy, risk, training & coaching, tax & legal)


Sourcing and import of goods from China in the apparel and food sectors