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Management & Strategy Consulting

In the area of management and strategy consulting, we support our customers on the following issues and/or tasks:

  • Strategy development
  • Organisational consulting: Structure and processes
  • Leadership and direction, including controlling
  • Human resource management
  • Knowledge management
  • Innovation consulting
  • Internationalisation
  • Setting up a business
  • Communications consulting including comprehensive crisis management communications
  • Establishing a company in Switzerland, consultancy services on import and export (i.a. China)

Reference projects

BG Mitte

Development of a general industry strategy for guaranty cooperatives in the canton of Berne

Botanical Garden

Development and implementation of a business plan and operating concept for the botanical garden

Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture

Conversion of the agricultural research institutes to FLAG; development of strategy, business plan and management tools

Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (MeteoSwiss)

Guidance during transition to management by performance mandate and Global Budget (Swiss acronym: FLAG); development of a performance mandate and product definitions, business plan and marketing strategy

Swiss Federal Statistical Office BFS

PRODIMA project (products, services, markets); support and guidance in the development of management tools in the service marketing sector

C.G. Jung Institut  Zurich

Strategic development, member of finance committee, audit of financial management

Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL

Management structure analysis

Department of Finance Canton Aargau

Reorientation and reorganisation of the sector for education and advisory services in agriculture

Health and Public Welfare Administration of Canton Berne

Review of addiction assistance in canton Berne: Conceptual design of pilot project in the in the Thun and Bernese Jura regions

Municipality of Thalwil

Effect-oriented administration (WIV); Reform of the municipal organisation in accordance with the principles of New Public Management (NPM)

Municipality of Münsingen

Participation in “The future of AMRA”, a taskforce offering and sponsoring labour market related measures for the Aare Valley

EDA - Assisting municipal administrations in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia

General contractor for the know-how transfer project to support local self-governments in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia administrative management in accordance with NPM principles: Complete reorganisations and reorganisation of certain subdivisions such as finance, real estate/urban planning, school system, intercommunal cooperation: Environmental protection/waste, economy/tourism/regional development; management training courses: Strategic leadership, project management, human resource management and work technique, training courses for future organisational trainers

Swiss federal government and administrative reform RVR by the Federal Council 1996 - 2000

Advisory services and  of overall  project management; analyses, elaboration of solution proposals in the  task evaluation area.


Support of the strategy process for H+, the Swiss Hospital Association

OSEC/SECO (Swiss Export Promotion Centre)

Support for the projects “Trade Capacity Building (EFTA), “Market Intelligence” Columbia and implementation of the EFTA Colombia Free Trade Agreement

PostFinance (financial services unit of Swiss post)

Individual training sessions for team leaders

Hirslanden Private Hospital Group, Beau-Site Clinic

Setup of a cooperation model: Structuring of services, financing and settlement flows, legal forms of cooperation

Swiss Topography (Swiss Topo)

Support for the transition to FLAG, product definition and performance mandate, comprehensive marketing training courses

Road traffic authority of Canton Fribourg

Survey and analysis of employee satisfaction

City of Berne

Evaluation of  Social Placement (SEP) pilot project of the city of Berne in the context of the “Work instead of Welfare” project

City of Thun

Needs assessment of a help and contact point in Thun


Assistance in the VAKA strategy process, merger of the Aargau hospitals, clinics and caregiving institutions

Department of Economic Affairs of Canton Berne

Implementation of new administrative management NEF; methodical and professional consulting services for administrative bodies